Horze Nevada 1200D Lightweight Sheet

Horze advertises this blanket as being durable, escape proof, ergonomically designed as well as providing superior protection against the wind.

Herd of Zebras Clothing Line

Herd of Zebras is not your average clothing line; it is a story, a message, a cause and a symbol of strength.

Centaur Fox Gear

I purchased the All Purpose Saddle Pad, the Helmet Bag, the Boot Bag, and the Garment Bag. I had first seen the saddle pad that sold me on the whole line.
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    Hello! Welcome to Equestrian Evaluations. My name is Tess and this is my 20 year old Arab mare named Élan.

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  • Once my horse turned 20 I decided my current bridle had done its time, and that Elan deserved a birthday present other than homemade cookies (always a hit). I immediately started searching through new bridle options. I wanted something padded,

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    I do not know what North America has against fun saddle pads, but we always seem to be stuck with the same solid navy blues and blacks. Europe on the other hand, they got things right. Whenever I go on

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    These socks seem to be popping up in every tack store I come across, and for good reason, they are amazing. I consider myself a little bit sock obsessed, but rarely do I find fun patterns with great material. Having

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    I have been eyeballing SaddleBox for quite some time, a subscription box filled with treats and accessories for you and your horse. There is nothing like getting a present in the mail, but it made me even happier to think

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    Now, most of the products I review are new; this blanket, on the other hand, I have had for about 10 months. Blankets are something I feel you can’t entirely tell the quality of by the first few fits, but

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    In September my mare was diagnosed with a moderately severe suspensory injury. It was recommended that she be on stall rest for 4 months and then we re-ultrasound the injury to see its recovery. Unfortunately, despite my efforts, Elan has

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    I came to a realization the other day that I had no winter breeches. Now in Prince George, winter can be hella cold and snowy and I find myself looking homeless half the time because I am layered up in

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    I have been looking forward to the day I had my own pair of country boots. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my Bogs but sometimes it’s nice to not be slogging around in gumboots. Country boots are stylish

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    (dont worry I cut the binder twine off after ;)) Story Time! My little Arabian mare is on a round bale, and she eats it quite happily. So happily, in fact, the little piglet needs a slow feeder hay net to

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    Equestrian Evaluations is based out of Prince George, B.C. Canada.

    The equestrian sport has a reputation of being a ‘high priced hobby’.  In reality, we know the blood sweat and tears of the day to day horse life: mucking stalls, braving all weather, and dressing our horses better than we dress ourselves. But despite the consequences of our lifestyle, we love our horses, and we would do it again and again.

    My goal is to represent products from the perspective of your everyday rider. I believe in quality that isn’t necessarily compromised by smaller price points. An equestrian lifestyle doesn’t always need to break the bank, neither does it mean we or our horses, need to settle for anything less than the best.